If you are investing in a new projector or display of any sort, bear in mind that the final link in the chain is calibration. The importance of this fundamental step is frequently misunderstood or even ignored, but without correct alignment, image fidelity or faithfulness to the original production is lost.

We offer a comprehensive calibration service, from a basic optimisation service to the gold standard of THX / ISF calibration. This achieves a vast improvement, by ensuring that the greyscale and associated user controls are optimally adjusted. You will experience the image as the director intended, because your screen will be calibrated to the same standards that were used in the video creation. Colours will be more natural and detail will be present that might otherwise have been lost. Most importantly, you will know that your television is performing at its best.

Video Calibration Services:
These services can be applied to any type of display or projector including Plasma, LCD, LED and Front Projection systems. We will always endeavour to check, re adjust if necessary and advise on optimizing your connections with all of your equipment free of charge.

Equipment used:

Laptop Computer running the latest in Chromapure Professional Calibrating Software. A Spectroradiometer, Tripod & Quantum Pattern Generator displaying a variety of professional test patterns.

Level 1

Basic Video Calibration

Optimizing the Brightness, Contrast, Colour, Tint, Sharpness & Geometry.

Level 2

Full ISF Video Calibration

In addition to the Basic Video Calibration ISF includes Greyscale calibrating to the D65 white point as standard, full CMS (Colour Management System) adjustment (if applicable) and a full report with before and after graphs of the display.

Level 3

Full THX Video Calibration

A full THX Calibration features everything a full ISF Calibration does for your display, however you get the added advantage of your calibration being checked over at THX HQ in America by a highly trained THX Professional as well as a THX Certified Plaque, Calibration Certificate and THX Certified Stickers.