4K Home Cinema projectors

VPL-VW270ES RRP £4999

Seeing is believing Experience the beauty of True 4K

Bring incredible 4K detail to your favourite entertainment

Imagine bringing the truly cinematic quality of 4K into your own home. Now you can make this a reality with our VPL-VW270ES/VW570ES series of Home Cinema projectors. They produce true 4K resolution images with our native 4K (4096 x 2160) SXRD panels – over four times the quality of Full HD.

Designed for any living space, the VPL-VW270ES/VW570ES deliver stunning, detail-packed images and incredibly lifelike colour like never before. And with high brightness, thanks to the latest generation of Sony 4K processing, you’re guaranteed an exceptional picture even in well-lit rooms.

See deeper blacks with 4K SXRD panels

Latest SXRD panels deliver even better contrast, as well as native 4K resolution. SXRD projection offers rich, inky blacks, as well as clear cinematic motion and image smoothness. Improvements to the silicon layer now mean even better light control, for precisely delivered shadows and blacks.

Sony 4K Projection

With more than four times the resolution of Full HD, native 4K offers 8.8 million pixels (4096 x 2160) for a picture that’s incredibly lifelike, which is why it is the resolution defined by the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) for cinema distribution. See corner-to-corner clarity and watch movies from much closer than you would in Full HD.

Bright Feel

Sony’s SXRD panel can achieve the highest contrast ratio compare to other devices. As a result of high contrast, it gives you the feel of high brightness, and thus more immersiveness.

HDR Compatible

Get the most from your projector when viewing new UHD Blu-ray and streaming services with High Dynamic Range (HDR). HDR video offers a vastly expanded brightness range to deliver far more realistic, high-contrast images and brilliant colours. Compatible with both HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) formats. Sony’s home projectors reproduce colour and contrast aithfully to creators’ intentions.

The super-resolution Reality Creation

Sony’s exclusive Reality Creation technology analyses images right down to the pixel level. It then employs pattern-matching algorithms developed over years of movie production to enhance crispness even without increasing digital picture noise. It also upscales existing Full HD Blu-ray DiscTM and DVD movies to near 4K quality. Plus, the new 4K processor provides even more clarity and definition for the perfect picture image.


Discover true-to life colours and tones. The projector’s incorporates TRILUMINOS colour, reproducing more tones and textures than a standard projector system. Hard-to-reproduce crimson reds, aqua blues, and emerald greens are displayed beautifully, so landscapes and seascapes look more vivid. Faces look better, too, with skin tons more faithfully reproduced.

4K Motionflow

For fast-moving scenes our Motionflow technology displays twice as many images and transitions per second as Full HD for minimal blur. ‘Combination’ mode creates additional dark frames to reduce blur for more natural motion, while ‘True Cinema’ mode retains additional combined dark and artificial images to each frame. Combination and impulse modes only available on the VPL-VW570ES. True Cinema, Smooth High and Smooth Low modes available on both the VPL-VW570ES & VPL-VW270ES.

Picture Position Memory Matches Movie Aspect Ratio

The projector has a set of memory registers to store the position of the lens (focus, zoom, shift). Users can match a movie’s aspect ratio, including 1.78:1 and 2.35:1, and store these settings in the projector for easy recall

Compact and Functional Design

Achieving such compact size, provides great flexibility for a variety of installation situations.

Wider Zoom and Shift Lens

The projector offers a powered lens for zoom, shift and focus operations to provide maximum flexibility for home installations, including high ceiling mounting.

Front-facing Fan

Because the fan is positioned at the front, you don’t need to leave a large gap between the back of the projector and the wall for air intake not inhale exhaust when you install. This helps maximize the throw distance for bigger projected images.

Electronic Panel Alignment

Ensures the red and blue elements in each pixel are precisely positioned against green. Adjustments can be made by as little as 0.1 pixels for optimum clarity.

Built-in Auto Calibration

After extended periods, colour can be automatically calibrated to the original factory condition. There’s no need for extra calibration equipment or cameras; a built-in colour sensor stores all the necessary information.

HDCP 2.2 Compatibility

Both HDMI inputs are compatible with HDCP 2.2 – the latest content protection standard.

Industry-standard RF 3D Compatible

A built-in RF transmitter synchronizes with most RF 3D glasses for wider coverage and greater stability, and there’s no need for an external transmitter.

Long-lasting Lamp

By incorporating a high-performance lamp and advanced lamp-control technology, the projectors deliver an extremely long lamp replacement time of 6,000 hours*.
* Approximate recommended period, in low mode.

Low Latency Mode

A great feature for gamers. Experience 4K 60P games and our fastest ever response time between the controller and screen for ultimate gaming action, with low input lag of 27msec.

Easy Connectivity for Home Automation

Compatible with many home automation systems via an RJ45(IP), RS-232C, TRIGGER and IR IN interfaces.

Low fan noise 26dB*

Whisper-quiet fan noise minimises disturbance for your audience.
* They will depend on the environment or how the projectors is used. When under normal environment.

At a glance

  • 4K resolution: 4096 x 2160
  • 1,500 ANSI lumens (VPL-VW270ES)
  • 1,800 ANSI lumens (VPL-VW570ES)
  • Advanced SXRD technology
  • Very high contrast, ideal for HDR
  • Latest generation of Sony Home
  • Cinema 4K image processing

X105-RF-X1  –  3D GLASSES – £60
LMP-H280 for VPL-VW570ES – £485
LMP-H220 for VPL-VW270ES – £420

* Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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