2020 Q800T QLED 8K HDR Smart TV

65″ – QE65Q800TATXXU – 75″ – QE75Q800TATXXU – 82″ – QE82Q800TATXXU

Introducing the new Q800T

  • A brilliant QLED 8K TV experience

    Discover the glory of 8K resolution with flawless picture and sound, day or night.

  • A new dimension of reality unfolds with 8K resolution

    Enter a new world of picture quality that brings reality to your living room. Feel the power of every frame with 33 million pixels – 4 times the resolution of 4K. Get closer with enhanced colours, texture and skin tones that makes every seat the best in the house.

  • The intelligence behind the glorious picture and next-level sound

    Discover just how smart a TV can be, with an 8K AI TV that continually optimises the picture and sound performance.

Everything you watch in glorious 8K

Enjoy all your favourite content in glorious 8K resolution, even if it’s not filmed that way. Using Deep Learning algorithms, QLED 8K is able to adjust the picture in real-time, pixel by pixel. It recreates the image texture, edge definition and level of detail at a much higher resolution.

Pristine picture, day and night

Relax as your QLED TV adapts to your environment and automatically adjusts its brightness settings to give you the very best picture, day or night.

AI sound perfectly matches whatever you’re watching, wherever you’re watching it

Adaptive Sound + and Active Voice Amplifier (AVA)
Thanks to AI sound, you can listen to everything on your QLED TV like never before. It adjusts the audio depending on what you’re watching. So you’ll feel as if you’re in the stadium, or hear the action from that movie closing in from all directions. And you’ll never miss what your favourite characters are saying – even over the hum of the vacuum – as the TV also adapts to the background noise in your room.

65 inch

75 inch

82 inch