Samsung Blu Ray Players

Samsung Blu Ray Players


The Ultra HD Blu-ray Player offers twice the colour range of existing conventional Blu-ray players and 64 times higher colour expressions, surpassing the digital cinema standard. Enjoy realistic picture quality like never before.


With HDR technology, the Ultra HD Blu-ray Player puts the movie set in your living room, delivering dynamic UHD content in exceptional quality. Experience sharp contrasts and brightness with deeper blacks and brighter whites.


The Samsung BD-J5500E will enhance the way you watch movies and programmes. The Full HD quality will bring you rich colours, deep blacks and increased depth. Watch 3D compatible films and feel part of the action with exceptional 3D cinema quality.


The Samsung BD-J5500 delivers a lifelike picture quality and easy access to all your favourite shows. With built-in, ready to use apps and 3D Blu-ray playback, the Blu-ray and DVD player enables you to keep up with the latest movies and television programmes.