This means you can configure your designer glass or mirror TV system to your own size, style and detail. No need to compromise or accept standardised off shelf solutions. There are 3 mirror types and two colour formats with RAL matched glass and printed options for images and patterns. Glass can come in single sections up to 3m x 2m. Detailing includes drillings, etchings, bevelling, rounds, polygons all CAD cut to spec. Screen options vary from 13.3” up to 82” and fitting systems cater for on-wall, flushed and fully recessed installations.

This means your screen is perfect for in-wall installation. It will not over heat and burn out. The components are commercial ‘A’ grade and robust for 24/7 use.

D.O.G (direct on glass) frame systems.
This means your are not watching your TV set back behind a piece of glass. With D.O.G your image is directly on the glass; meaning the quality of the viewing image from the front is like watching your TV on the glass surface as it should be. It also benefits by eliminating reflections that can be caused when there is a gap between the glass and screen. Reflections reduce the image quality and clarity.

Low voltage with high IP ratings.
This means they are ideally suited for wet room applications and due to their lower rated draw they are greener to. With glass fronts and when properly sealed ad notam screens have been rated at IP67 making provision for placement in the wettest of environments.

Flexible control solutions.
This means unlike consumer TV used in overlay kits ad notam screens have no issues when needing to be controlled. IR receivers can be remotely placed or used through glass with special provision made in the backing foils. RF and RS232 upgrades are available for pro-grade installs where IR is not required or unwanted on display. There are even touch screen overlays for all screens sizes and you can even have an 82” multi-touch touch screen. ad notam screens are also compatible with most hotel TV systems adding another thread to their wide variety of appeal and applications.

ad notam screens are made and calibrated for use.
This means ad notam products are not hybrids or conversions using mismatched equipment or stripped down consumer grade units. They are made intended for purpose as a designer glass and mirror TV and as such are configured for use.

Dedicated magnetic and mechanical mounting systems.
This means, depending on your screen configuration, you have the choice to fit your screen on the wall with the glass attached to the screen; alternatively you can fit a larger piece of glass and have the screen attached to the glass behind.

Where both components are over the recommended weight loadings there are systems that allow for independent fitting of both glass and screen components but with D.O.G you are still assured of ad notam’s high quality finish. The magnetic and mechanical mounting systems also provide easy access for any maintenance or service requirements if needed.


Living Rooms, 
Games Room, 
Cinema Room, 
Swimming Pool area, 
Dinning Room

Board Rooms
, Foyer Reception areas, 
Hospitality Suites
, Spas Salons
, Bars, Restaurants, Nightclubs, 
Leisure complexes, Golf courses, Gyms, Banks, Financial Centres, 
Designer and Boutique Fashion Outlets.


Step 1
Choose the type of glass, size and envisaged detail required.

Step 2
Choose the appropriate screen option for the intended application making sure there are allowances for the fitting systems.

Step 3
Indicate which the preferred control solution is.

Step 4
Describe the installation so that the most appropriate fitting kit can be provided. 
Any additional items such as the etched lighting effects can be discussed at the time of specifying the glass.