KS9000 9 Series Curved SUHD with Quantum Dot Display TV

The KS9000 delivers a striking curved bezel-less SUHD Quantum dot display producing an outstanding UHD Premium viewing experience with HDR 1,000, which ensures exceptional peak luminance, colour vibrancy, stunning black levels, shadow detail and depth with 2400 PQI. Together with Samsung’s Smart platform, you can enjoy the Smartest TVs on the planet.

Visualint Intelligent Video Cameras

Visualint Intelligent video cameras are superior to current motion detection cameras deployed in most surveillance and security installations today.  The video intelligent standard on all Visualint cameras enables the camera to know the difference between people and groups, any vehicle and animals while ignoring environmental conditions such as wind and rain that will alert other cameras.

To learn more about Visualint Intelligent CCTV Video Cameras please Click Here.

Sonos Play:1 Offer


Sonos one year of music included

ad notam Screens

100% Customisable.
This means you can configure your designer glass or mirror TV system to your own size, style and detail. No need to compromise or accept standardised off shelf solutions. There are 3 mirror types and two colour formats with RAL matched glass and printed options for images and patterns. Glass can come in single sections up to 3m x 2m. Detailing includes drillings, etchings, bevelling, rounds, polygons all CAD cut to spec. Screen options vary from 13.3” up to 82” and fitting systems cater for on-wall, flushed and fully recessed installations.

Schnepel AV Furniture

4 new product ranges to suit all budgets.
Each and every product is also available in all white.

Each and every Schnepel product comes available in all white finish

VariC from £399 with power sockets built in. 925mm or 1200mm wide

ELF from £399 PRE BUILT!! Closed, open, wall and lowboard units all in white available now. 1200mm or 1700mm wide

X Line from £749 pre-built and delivered to home 1200mm or 1400mm wide

ELF G120 with a touch of wood finish, maybe add black, or keep it all white as its available in ALL WHITE, prebuilt and only £549!!

PictureFrame TVs

2 new Framed Mirror TV product ranges plus a bespoke design service.

Standard Range: Our most popular selling modern and ornate frame designs.
Premium Range: Absolute Luxury at its best. These frames are carefully selected from the finest Italian designs.

Pioneer SC-LX76 AV Receiver

SC-LX76 – due August 2012!

Pioneer SC-LX76 is a 9.2-Channel AV Receiver Featuring Hi-bit32 Audio Signal Processing, AIR Studios Monitor Certification, THX Select2 Plus Certification, Full Band Phase Control, and 4K Pass Through.

SC-LX76 is also enhanced with advanced network features and custom installation set-up options including Apple’s AirPlay, DLNA 1.5, Windows 7, Internet Radio, PC Setup control, Advanced MCACC auto-calibration, multiple HDMI inputs and Pioneer’s trendsetting iPad, iPhone, and iPod apps including iControlAV2012 and Air Jam.

To ensure that the receivers deliver the highest fidelity home entertainment experience this models is certified by THX aswell as additional sonical tuning at AIR Studios.

This latest AV Receiver integrate Pioneer’s latest Direct Energy HD amplifiers built on Class D technology and incorporate various leading edge technologies to provide the absolute best audio and video performance.