Semblance Home Theatre

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Semblance Home Theatre – RRP £6280

Home Theatre Media Walls are available in a wide range of combinations and colours and can be viewed by clicking the button below:

Create an impressive media wall with SEMBLANCE HOME THEATRE. An open system can be created by using AV shelves to support a TV and components. For an enclosed system, the SEMBLANCE edition of the MIRAGE cabinet keeps components out of sight yet remote control accessible through coordinating micro-etched black glass doors. In both open or enclosed configurations, a SEMBLANCE home theatre can accommodate TVs up to 65”. SEMBLANCE seamlessly integrates technology into the home while providing versatile space for storage and display.

For simplified ordering, BDI offers a menu of preconfigured SEMBLANCE HOME THEATRE packages to suit a variety of applications. Components can be readjusted as often as necessary thanks to machine threaded inserts in the vertical panels (spaced in increments of 2.5”/64mm).

Available in the following colours: