B&W Speakers / Sub Woofers

Bring Hollywood Home
If you’re looking for uncompromising cinema sound that fits easily into your life, look no further than B & W’s flagship Mini Theatre system.
The MT-60D system twins M-1 speakers with the stunning power and control of a PV1D subwoofer to create a sound that will keep you gripped, right up until the final frame.


Powered by a mighty 1000W of digital amplification, and featuring the same AerofoilTM cone drive unit technology found in the 800 Series Diamond.


As with all the new DB Series, the DB3D is incredibly simple to configure and use thanks to a dedicated mobile App for both iOS and Android devices.


The new M-1 combines a cleaner aesthetic with dramatically improved performance.

702 S2

The 702 S2 brings the goosebump-inducing clarity and detail of studio-quality sound to your home audio set-up.

703 S2

A big speaker in every sense, the 703 S2 has both the grace and power to bring every element of your music to life.

704 S2

The 704 S2 has the commanding presence of a much larger speaker, thanks to advanced technologies.

705 S2

This uncompromising two-way speaker reveals subtle nuances in music others miss.

706 S2

The 706 S2 delivers a sound that feels fully formed and entirely true to life.

707 S2

The 707 S2’s two-way design makes for a sound that feels remarkably cohesive.

HTM71 S2

The 707 S2’s two-way design makes for a sound that feels remarkably cohesive.

HTM72 S2

A great choice for home cinema set-ups in smaller rooms, where space is at a premium.

FS700 S2

The B&W FS700 speaker stands are designed for the B&W 700 Series Speakers.


Ultra-solid construction delivers slamming bass, drum kicks, and special movie effects.


Presents a very happy medium between the more diminutive ASW608 and the all-out power of the ASW610XP.

CWM7.3 S2

CWM7.3 S2 is a three-way unit bringing together audiophile technologies with new innovations specially developed for custom installation.


This 6in in-ceiling speaker features a Nautilus swirl-loaded 25mm (1in) aluminium dome tweeter that pivots for adjustable off-axis treble response.


The CCM664 features an adjustable, tilt-offset 25mm (1in) soft dome tweeter, and a 150mm (6in) woven glassfibre bass/midrange driver.


The entry-point in the CI600 in-ceiling range, the CCM665 is perfect for smaller listening areas like bathrooms or kitchens.