The home theatre has become a part of everyday home life. It’s where hours are spent as family and friends come together to entertain and relax. BDI by Optimum furniture merges innovative engineering and original design to seamlessly integrate today’s technology into the home, making the home theatre feel more like home.

From the family room to the living room to the bedroom, there’s a BDI by Optimum solution for any setting. While beautiful, BDI by Optimum furniture is more than meets the eye. It’s engineered to anticipate the needs of the most demanding home theatre systems with features like advanced cable management, concealed speaker/media storage compartments, adjustable shelves, and hidden castors. These features and many more assure simple set up, ease of use and lasting enjoyment of your home theatre system.

Since 1984, BDI has produced contemporary home furnishings that deliver an extraordinary combination of style, engineering and value. With innovative features and timeless designs, BDI by Optimum furniture is an integral component to any home theatre system.

AV Cabinets

Arena – 2 Products

Avion Series II – 12 Products

Avion Noir Series II – 1 Product

Cavo – 2 Products

Corridor – 6 Products

Marina – 2 Products

Mirage – 3 Products

Nora – 4 Products

Novia – 6 Products

Ola – 2 Products

Signal – 4 Products

Sweep – 1 Product

Venue – 1 Product

Vertica – 3 Products